Zimbabwe faces grim reality of Mugabe dynasty

President Mugabe purposefully creates factionalism in ZanuPF to destabilise it and for no clear successor to emerge. In the meantime he is grooming his wife Grace and pushing for her to succeed him. Mugabe has amended the constitution to give himself power to make all senior party appointments, elevated his wife to head the women’s league and unceremoniously dismissed the strongest contender to succeed him Mrs Mujuru from her deputy post. On his return from the UN general assembly recently he insinuated that no one had a right to stop his wife from doing what she wanted and some analysts have interpreted this in a wider context of his succession as well. The present chaos and factionalism in his party perfectly suits him as he just pays lip service to its solution but working behind the scene to ensure his wife succeeds him extending the family grip on the impoverished and terrorised country.

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The shambles of Zimbabwean bye-elections

It was reported in one online Zimbabwean newspaper that vice president Mnangagwa told a campaign rally recently that if the people of Matabeleland don’t vote for the ruling party in the June bye-elections they would continue to be punished. Although it’s not news to those who watch events in the country, it’s an interesting confirmation of the ruling party’s unspoken policy. The government unashamedly brings misery to people just because they did not vote for the party. Such kind of intolerant people should be nowhere near the reigns of power. ZanuPF won all the 16seats in the bye-election after the main opposition MDC-T party boycotted citing an unfair election system and government refusal to carry out satisfactory electoral reforms. The results were hailed as an indication that Zimbabwe was now a ZanuPF territory by consent but nothing can be further from the truth. It is a dictatorship despite the charade of elections.

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Basic rules for democracy

The 7th of May 2015 is election day in the United Kingdom. It comes after a six week period of marathon campaigning by all parties in a free environment. There were no opposition members beaten up, harassed, threatened, tortured, killed or maimed for expressing their views. All party leaders put their views across during live televised debates and people judged for themselves and not forced into supporting the ruling party. Voting today is peaceful and orderly and votes will be counted swiftly when polls close at 10pm. Such things only happen in a genuine democracy not the one practised in Zimbabwe. If it were Zimbabwe there would have been anguish for the opposition and its supporters. I wonder when true democracy shall come in Zimbabwe. Definitely not in my lifetime. We are the lost generation unfortunate to live in a dictatorship.


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Mutasa expelled from ZanuPF

Didymus Mutasa’s interview after his expulsion from ZanuPF shows how well President Mugabe plays his cards. No one wants to hold him responsible for all that happens in the country and in ZanuPF yet he is the supreme leader. Mutasa now calls the December congress illegal and is taking ZanuPF to court. He said he is challenging the legality of the congress and endorsements that scrapped the election of the party vice-presidents and chairperson. He is further seeking nullification of the party’s congress resolutions, some of which gave President Mugabe the power to appoint the entire top hierarchy. Strange indeed. Now the system has turned against him he is crying foul. He must know it is the same system he helped engineer and which has resulted in over three million Zimbabweans fleeing abroad. There has never been democracy in ZanuPF and Zimbabwe. Yet he exonerates the president saying he is the one he only recognises as he was the only person elected at congress. That is because the president knows how to distance himself from issues and present an image that it’s got nothing to do with him yet it’s got everything to do with him.

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President Mugabe won’t go away

President Mugabe admitted during the recent Zanu(PF) congress in Harare held in early December that the MDC actually won the 2008 election by 73% in what the state media said was a slip of the tongue. In my view it was deliberate to show Zimbabweans that there is nothing they can do about his hold on power. It is the arrogance of the President in full knowledge that he has the security chiefs on board.

In the praise and worship congress the only people that mattered were the president and his wife Grace. All congress goers were falling on each other to shower praises on the 90year old president and his young wife who was made the Zanu(PF) Women’s President, a top position in the party.  The president always takes these praises in his stride. It was an occasion where he was endorsed as supreme leader to rule until death. There is no place for dissent even within his party and perceived contenders to the throne were dismissed. The Zanu(PF) constitution was hurriedly amended to accommodate new developments, which included giving the president the power to appoint and fire his vice presidents.

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Whose problem ?

I don’t know why I am always alarmed at President Mugabe’s excesses when ordinary people are starving and finding it impossible to make ends meet. So he turned 90 years on 21Feb and had a lavish birthday party in Marondera, which included a giant cake. It is obscene to say the least. A leader is supposed to be sensitive to the plight of his people and show restraint of their excessive consumption in the midst of impoverished people. But is that what you get in Harare? No, the president and his chosen few display their arrogance and ill gotten wealth as if to spite the very people they rule who have to cower frightened and hungry, lest harm is visited upon them.

I think politicians need to go to school to be taught on leadership, how to govern and how to let go of power. It’s astounding that at 90 he claims that he is still very fit to rule and feels like a 9 year old. How cynical? Here is a man who lets common people die due to lack of medical facilities and medication whilst he and his family run to Singapore, Hongkong etc for treatment. I guess I can never understand human nature as President Mugabe and ZanuPF are beyond my comprehension. How do they sleep at night knowing that they have caused so much suffering and havoc among the people, and intend to do so for the foreseeable future. They shift the blame for the dire straits in the country on the west and anyone else but never themselves. It is disheartening.

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If only we had more Mandelas

Its a sad day for South Africa, Africa and the world after the passing on of the great President Nelson Mandela on 5December, 2013. We are all united in mourning this truly inspirational and visionary leader who is in a class of his own in Africa. It is high time dictators take a look at themselves and do some soul searching taking a leaf from this great leader and man. Governments and political leaders should come and go for the betterment of the continent. No one can claim to know it all and justify staying in power until death like the case of Zimbabwe president Robert Mugabe. If Africa could get more leaders in the mould of the late Nelson Mandela, our countries and continent would be in a better place far from the pain and misery inflicted by greedy selfish rulers who won’t go away.

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